A strive for 

perfection of less

Our mission 

We strive to make great designed mobile accessories. A product is bought to be used, not only functional but also psychological and aesthetic.

What do we value?

In a world overloaded with choice, we realised that purity was probably the best antidote. We were tired of big bulky mobile cases that took away the original feeling of your perfectly designed phone. Less design, sophisticated and functional are our core values when we release new products.

"we constantly try to improve our products with new better versions"

What are we creating and 

what makes us different?

We create mobile accessories with less design, yet playful. Our most popular product at the moment is the version 2 mobile case, and after we've researched almost every single related case that is available and listened to our customers, we can say that we are really happy with our latest generations of products. We constantly try to improve our products with new better versions. We have a big fan base that follows us on the journey to make the most precise designed mobile accessories in the industry.

How do we approach this?

We want to show and educate our customers thorough down to the last detail of all our products together with a Scandinavian inspirational lifestyle approach within minimal fashion & design.

Nudient Studio

Nudient - our own word for "less design" was born out of love and fascination of the Scandinavian aesthetics and way of life 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden. We have a range of phone cases, screen protectors and lightning cables available (at the moment) in Europe, with the largest markets being Great Britain, Germany, Sweden and Netherlands.

Follow us on the journey,


Vidar Sjöqvist 

CEO & 


Max Andersson 

Creative Director & 


Pontus Krusing 

Finance & 


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2344 reviews
Nudient - Thin iPhone 12 Pro Case V3 - Sangria Red
Belinda B.
Secure and beautiful

Case is slim, but robust and the colour is just divine. Can't complain - worth every penny.

Nudient - Thin iPhone 12 Pro Case V3 - Pine Green
Sara B.
Best cover I ever had!

The lightest and thinnest cover , with beautiful colours and it protects my phone and it’s strong.
Definitely recommending it to everyone.

Love my case its really nice thankyou nudient

Great fitting case

Nice slim case with a soft liner. Screen protector was very easy to apply and has a nice feel.